Winter STORM Lessons

WHAT is up with the Weather..the World...and all these natural disasters?
WHAT HAPPENS in NORTHERN UTAH...Brrr! Doesn't stay in Northern UTAH!

The WONDERFUL WINDS in the North that turned the lights out ...and brought a bunch of people who thought they were prepared, because they had food storage, to their wits end, with cold, and lack of hot food...when they realized they didn't have a safe indoor way to cook all that food, was just one of their problems- and it was an eye opener! We got many calls and spoke to many people who had purchased a Solar Oven (we do recommend this) but who couldn't use it during 100 mile an hour winds! Many who had their wonderful charcoal fuel efficient Dutch Ovens ready to go.... but didn't want to stand outside and freeze to make a hot meal either. After four days they realized they needed help. So we found a supplier of "safe to use indoors" Butane Stoves and Butane FUEL...and even delivered them along with our Saratoga Jacks Thermal Cookers! So our customers could use their thermal cookers...and continue to conserve fuel even after the power went out! WHAT WE LEARNED: DURING an emergency having multiple options for cooking "Electric FREE" is so important...including having an option for indoor cooking...because sometimes the weather is so bad, that Going outside to cook anything, seems insane! We NOW permanently offer these butane stoves and butane fuel online at (PS We also have butane in full cases available for a bigger discount that isn't shown in the online store- so just call Jack for more info- 801-420-3900)

PS We also learned, people thought our company was named Kangaroo Jack when they frantically tried to recall who to call. Kangaroo Jacks is by the way, a great family movie, but not a Saratoga Jacks Thermal Cooker! ;) We however have a kangaroo on our logo, because JACK's extended family is from Australia, and Thermal Cookers are used in the outback where the fuel is limited. Just a Side Note. We are Saratoga Jacks. Jack and I (his amazing wife) live in Saratoga Springs, Utah. It just made sense to us! :) As always, please keep us in the loop with any fabulous stories and IDEAS.... and have a Good Day, mate! (Smiling!)

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