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We recently wrote an article about the Best way to Use Your Saratoga Jacks Thermal Cooking in a Blog titled COOKING ON THE ROAD... and About half way through the article we shared menu ideas in an 8 day Sample Recipe Plan (That we actually did when traveling around the Gulf of Mexico while testing the thermal cooker.) It was not only a great lesson on how to create a MOBILE KITCHEN for on the go, which is not only great for cutting travel expenses, but for BUG OUT situations too.

(Picture taken on Siesta Key Beach, FL - Jack Loveless)

Here is that sample menu again to give you some more ideas:



Day One

Eat Anything in my fridge for breakfast that will go bad well we are traveling. Pack healthy snacks like my fruit and some nuts for the road. Hawaiian Haystacks (Rice on bottom- Chicken In Chicken Gravy on top) started in the Thermal Cooker for dinner. Toppings of green onions, green peppers, pineapple, chinese noodles, chopped celery, shredded cheese in ziplocks in the cooler.

Day Two

(Today between the omelets and the Potato Soup I will use up the rest of the chopped green onions, green peppers, chopped celery and cheese and real bacon bits)

Omelets in a Bag for breakfast. Start Bacon and PotatoSoup for dinner in the boiling water you used for the omelets (Two Creamy Potato Bear Creek Soup mixes with left over real bacon bits, and chopped up vegies, and cheese, Can of drained corn, and a pinch of curry powder) with a loaf of french bread or a bag of rolls I pick up from a store as we are traveling.


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Day Three

Started at Midnight the night before, so we ate it between 7 & 8 am. I made Hot MultiGrain Cereal (Steel cut Oats with a little Barley and Chia seed) 5 cups of the mix to 8 cups of water... started on the Bottom, Hot Peaches on Top. Sprinkled with nuts and raisins when served. Then I cleaned out the pots and made Teriyaki Chicken on bottom withRice on top, for Dinner. (*Tip* Started 3 lbs of Boneless Chicken Breast cut into Pieces in a slightly watered down and soupy teriyaki sauce, boiling for two minutes, then whipped in an added 1/2 cup of Ultra Gel (I make a teriyaki sauce rue) to the pot, for one more minute, so it will thicken back up as it slow cooks in the thermal unit.)

Day Four

Omelets in a bag for breakfast, then Chili started for Dinner. I use the whole big pot. Set the little pot aside. Later if I have my cheap portable oven, that folds flat for travel with me, I might make a corn bread mix put it in the empty small pan and bake it in the mini oven as it rests on my butane stove, and serve that with the chili. If I am at home and the sun is out I would make the corn bread in my solar oven. If I don't have that portable oven or sun oven, and I am on the road traveling, I will buy rolls.

Midnight start a Pork Shoulder Roast in a pot of boiling water...

Day Five

Fresh Fruit for Breakfast. Drain water in the morning, pull apart the Roast into pieces and put in the bottom of the big pot. Cover in a slightly watered down BBQ sauce (I like Sweet Baby Rays) and bring back to a boil for Two Minutes. Third minute of the Boil, add a 1/2 cup of Ultra Gel in a BBQ rue. Mix it in good...Place it in the thermal cooker, shutting the lid quickly. In small upper pot I do my favorite pork and beans recipe. Buy a package of salad, and some hamburger buns for dinner.

Day Six

Omelets in a Bag for Breakfast, Beef Stew in the Bottom and Instant Mashed Potatos in the top for dinner.

Day Seven

Fruit and Granola for Breakfast. Dinner: Sloppy Joes! Sauce on Bottom, (Brown Hamburger in the bottom of the large pot, drain greese, add tomato sauce and spices, boil for two minutes) Buy a package of hamburger buns and a watermelon. A bunch of Mixed Vegetables on top, boiled.

Day Eight

Omelets in a bag boiled in the large pot filled about 1/3 with boiling water, and then use the water to make Bear Creeks Cheesy Broccoli Soup, add to the One package of Soup, all your left over veggies, and a whole head of cut up broccoli. Should fill half the pot. ON top, use small pot to do Cheesy Au Gratin Potatoes.


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