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Dear Amy,

I met you today at the class you taught at Honeyville. (I talked to you about the asparagus pots for making bread) I write a blog for my ward and anyone else you would like to read it. I get about 900 hits a month right now and I have brought up your thermal cooker more than once :) Thanks for a great class and can't wait to learn more!! Thanks!


Dear Saratoga Jacks,

I purchased two Thermal Cookers at the Orem Preparedness Fair last spring. I have used them several times and made pot roast for a family reunion this past summer--dinner was cooking while we drove 300 miles away. It was ready when we arrived and all 18 of us were happy to have a hearty meal ready for us when we got to our location.
I showed them at a preparedness fair yesterday where I did a food storage presentation. I made ham and bean soup, 6 grain rolled cereal with raisins and dried apples, rice and a South African Sweet Potato Supper in them, using all four of the pots. The Thermal Cookers were a real success and people wanted to know all about them. I was pleased to tell them about Saratoga Jacks. Thanks for a great product!! I look forward to getting some more recipes that others enjoyed. I just use recipes from a couple of crock pot recipe books that I have and adjust other recipes that I have made traditionally.



Dear Amy & Jack,

You guys are an answer to my prayers! I am so grateful to you for bringing us the Thermal cooker! I've worried for so long about how I'm going to cook all this food storage in an emergency! I can actually see this happening now!

I was able to attend your class at Honeyville last Saturday morning with my sister. I had never heard of thermal cooking until then. After class I bought a cooker and since getting back home I have been experimenting with the cooker and gathering recipes to try.

Right now we are living in Hawaii. I have been concerned about being on an island away from everything and not being able to have the food and fuel needed in an emergency. Your Thermal cooker solves this problem for me!

Thanks again for all you do. You are clearly a blessing for anyone who has thought about what to do in case of an interruption of regular life!

I want to share the things I have learned with the people here!



Dear Jack and Amy,

I just wanted to let you know that we had the last of our classes in our Series of Preparing Your Ark yesterday and finished up with a Potluck Luncheon with 25 class members. When we were having each person tell what they had brought, I noticed that there were FIVE thermal cookers on the table with different peoples dishes they had brought! Everything from tortilla soup, breads, and even one for a cold dish. It was so great! It is what everyone is talking about!

Lisa Barker, Manager- Honeyville Grain Store - SLC, Ut.



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